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Clean the water bottles EVERYDAY!

Water bottles are very important. Of course, always clean your water bottles! Read all about how to clean water bottles properly in this other article.  Read all about how to clean water bottles properly in our other article. Different styles of bottles will be offered on The_Cavy_Closet and you can choose your favorites.  I suggest you get multiple bottles so you can switch them to wash them, but my best friend likes to use water dishes for her small animals because it's more natural. 

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Hiding places

Hiding places are a necessity - an overturned plastic tub or pail, or a cardboard box is the least you could do. (the cardboard boxes can just be discarded if soiled and replaced they are perfect barricades for floor time). Large diameter PVC pipes (with thick walls) make good tunnels and hides as well but make sure your cavy won't get stuck.  I've noticed that if a hidey doesn't have multiple entrances so sometimes I cut holes in the sides and sew them back together myself. Just crafts. Takes these strawberries for example, after I cut holes in the sides they became the favorite of all houses in quite some time.       

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The Real Teachers' Pets

Cavies in the classroom Many people believe guinea pigs and classrooms don’t mix. The best arrangement is a pair of same-sex cavies that are the teacher’s personal pets, returning home with her at the end of the day, or at least, the end of the week.  Intermittent visits to the classroom are preferable to day trips and special occasions.  Check with the Building engineer to find out the hottest and coldest temperatures in the school at night. Sometimes they may be not be kept comfortable during off hours, at night.  It's also not a great idea for students to take them home on weekends because too many variables in a new location may stress them out and cause illness.  As long...

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Beat the Heat: Piggy Edition

Hello, summertime! We love your sunshine, popsicles, balmy nights, and seasonal produce, but if we're being totally honest, we could do away with the sticky, suffocating heat! 

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