Clean the water bottles EVERYDAY!

Clean the water bottles


TCC Recommends you clean the water bottles daily, with a bottle brush or clean aquarium rocks, rice. 

It's important to keep the water CLEAN always and don't forget to really clean the top.

You may want to get a few different bottles and wash them with your mugs. You can always add multiple places they can drink from and offer different temperatures and flavors. 

Water bottles are very important. Of course, always clean your water bottles! Read all about how to clean water bottles properly in this other article. 

Read all about how to clean water bottles properly in our other article.

Different styles of bottles will be offered on The_Cavy_Closet and you can choose your favorites. 

I suggest you get multiple bottles so you can switch them to wash them, but my best friend likes to use water dishes for her small animals because it's more natural. 

Imagine just the same two-day old water ALL day Every day! That's worse than sad. 


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