Critical Care

Oxbow Critical Care Pet Supplement, 141gm

  THIS is a LIFESAVER. So many times we just don't know what to do and we want to feel like we've really done everything we can for our sweet piggies. 

Check out Critical Care. 

  • Designed specifically to support the needs of small herbivores
  • Powdered formula - just add water
  • High in fiber, no added sugar
  • High palatability

It comes in all different flavors and sizes, you can mix it with veggies and/or pellets if you want. Like having outmeal on days you don't feel good, this is a perfect option for a piggie with an upset tummy. It happens. 


There's also this FINE GRIND Critical Care.


This specially-formulated product contains all the essential nutrients of a complete diet as well as high-fiber timothy hay to support proper gut physiology and digestion.

OXBOW IS A GOOD RESOURCE. They are our favorite because they seem reliable and healthy. This is a great option when you're feeling low on options.

Please let us know your working Critical Care recipes and how it goes.

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