Always Fresh Bedding

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New and Clean places to sleep are always important. We will work to provide you with the coziest cavy fleece blankets, cushions, huts, and mostly covered beds. Sometimes I'm washing so much it's nice to just add a nice new fleece one on the top of everything... Something they've never seen before! 

When I rescued my guinea pigs they were in really dirty paper bedding. As soon as I Bathed them and covered them with fleece they've been very happy. So we will stick to fleece and cushions from now on.

Once in a while, I still use Paper bedding in the corners and under the fleece for extra cushion. It really makes a mess and the dust can sometimes cause respiratory illnesses. Good quality bedding is very important. 

Your cavy will appreciate a variety and always clean as much as you can.



 This Carefresh Custom is my suggestion for odor stopping. It's soft and natural. I don't get the colors or the scented bedding because I want it to be healthy for them as possible. If you have any suggestions please leave your comments and advice.

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