Our Boutique is looking for NEW high-quality products to add to our boutique!

Become a Guinea Pig Boutique Supplier with Handmade items

Share your links! We will first purchase one ( or probably 2) of your items. Every single item must be tested by a real guinea pig named Gus and then if it passes his inspection Jaq will create a detailed review to accept and add to the shop, or politely decline and give it to the hamster. #dwarfhamstersgeteverything #TCC

You can provide us with a link to your store/products and we can work together to fill The Cavy Closet Retail Boutique with quality Cavy favorites! If you are already selling on Amazon and/or Etsy we can easily use the same listings to make sure the details and prices are the most accurate at all times and you are responsible for fast, and accurate shipping of your items.

Contact us for details...